Join us

Join us

So you would like to join us and become a part of this great team.

Have a read through the FAQ for more information.

When can I join in?

We train every Wednesday night at 6pm and every Sunday morning at 10am. For your first session we recommend coming to a Sunday session. Please get in touch via email on to let us know you are coming.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide all the necessary equipment for a training session. We recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit wet since you will get splashed. Bring a change of clothes and something to sit on for the drive home.

Is it hard work?

Paddling is as hard as you make it. The first time you try a session with us it’ll seem like a lot of work but you can stop to rest whenever you need to and you will soon be keeping up for the whole session.

What are the other benefits of joining?

We run two water sessions each week during the winter and three in the summer. We also have loads of other activities such as a circuits class, access to a gym and a morning running club.

We run regular social get togethers that have seen all sorts of activities from climbing to go-karting to just catching up in the pub

Do I have to turn up to every session?

We don’t expect you to turn up to every session. Obviously the more you attend the better you will get at paddling but don’t worry if you miss training sometimes.

Do I have to be fit?

A basic level of fitness is good but not a requirement. Paddling is great for fitness and as long as you try and keep up you will soon be fitter than you have ever been.